A Work of ART

We have red in the newspapers or have heard through the media many times that; Governments have spent a lot of money (millions of Pounds, Euros, Dollars) on expert people for Removal of stains and cleaning of the famous artistic painting, i.e.; last supper of Davinci, Mending of famous statue or even renovation some of the parts of Coliseum’s wall in Rome. With this kind of news we will be able to ask ourselves;

Is it worth it for governments to spent huge amount of money to repair and renovate any historic and artistic work which belongs to nation?

The answer is a definite yes.

If an original artistic work renovated inappropriately, its beauty and originality will be vanished forever. When that happens, work would loos its initial original value. Clearly, ordinary unprofessional people with no technical knowledge will not be able to do these kinds of important jobs. Individual owner’s, museums, institutes, would rather trust their work of arts to expert professionals.

The question is:

How would you describe an expert person? What kind of abilities he/she should have?

An expertis a person who has all historical information and technical knowledge about that particular work of art they have been entrusted with. The expert person is well knowledgeable about values of artistic work he or she is handling. And has enough experience and expertise to complete the work has started. His or her responsibilities are to preserve and maintain any historic work of art for the future. An expert person would not consider accepting work on any important work of art if feels originality and beauty of artistic work could be compromised, While is working on the project. His or her aim would be to regain the initial glory and originality and beauty of the day one. 


Generally speaking, these facts are related to all original Persian carpets. Persian rug is a kind of artistic work which is elegantly; hand crafted completed and shines as a masterpiece. A work of ART.







Persian Carpet Clinic is run by A Team of professionals. Who have built up an impeccable reputation throughout UK, Iran, and the Netherlands. As one of the most experienced, qualified and dedicated carpet & rug care professionals in their industry.

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