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A group of experts has been invoalved in carpet cleaning and repair for more than two decades in London. This team of professionals has built up an impeccable reputation throughout the UK, as one of the most experienced, qualified and dedicated Persian and Oriental carpet & rug care in their industry?


For years the specialist for professional carpet and rug restoration has been near non-existent in the UK. Professional cleaning and repair of Persian or Oriental Rugs require in-depth knowledge and understanding of the used materials, also the place, date of production, and the type of tissue. Since 1986 the team of the rug services in Persian Carpet Clinic with a back-ground of generations practical and scientific experience, pride themselves for providing the best service to the valuable customers throughout the United Kingdom. In Persian Carpet Clinic we professionally clean and repair Persian carpets, Oriental rugs, Silk carpets, Kilims, and Tapestries, traditionally but using modern facilities.

As a team, we can now claim to provide the most effective and professional service for carpets that are sent us from all over the UK.

We provide:

7 days free of charge collection and delivery service. 

Also, your carpets/rugs will receive free mothproofing and identifying before coming back to you.



Persian Carpet Clinic is run by a team of professionals, who have built up an impeccable reputation throughout the UK, Iran and the Netherlands

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