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Deep and thorough cleaning of carpets and rugs is an important part of keeping your home as clean as possible.  But when it comes to antique and exotic carpets, the greatest care must be taken to ensure the cleaning process does not cause any damage to what may be a unique and treasured possession.  Persian carpet cleaning is a delicate and highly skilled process, and sadly many beautiful and expensive pieces are subjected to wear and tear by well meaning cleaners who do not have the expertise to do the job properly.  To protect your oriental carpet which may be an investment or a treasured souvenir, it’s best to come to a Persian rug specialist.

When we have a carpet brought in for cleaning, our first concern is to avoid performing any treatment which could be detrimental to the condition of the piece.  All our Persian rug services are based on the policy of preserving as much of the item as possible, or returning it to its original condition.  To this end, before our Persian carpet washing we test the different coloured dyes in the rug for colourfastness.  Any dyes which are not colourfast may run during the Persian carpet cleaning process, so we set the dyes to preserve the colour and structure of the carpet.

The next step is to remove as much dry dirt and debris from the rug as possible.  Turning a jet of water onto a carpet with particles of sand or grit, or slivers of glass, embedded in it can drive these fragments into the fabric of the item, damaging the pile.  Likewise, any loose dirt left trapped between the fibres will turn to mud when wet, making it even more difficult to remove.  As Persian rug specialists we know how important it is to remove as much dry material as possible before washing commences, and we always strive to offer the standard of rug cleaning London homes deserve.

Following professional stain removal, the Persian carpet washing process now begins, and any remaining dirt is removed by using a jet of water from the underside of the rug.  Following shampooing and pressure rinsing, a wet vacuum machine is used to remove the dirty water.

To complete the procedure, our Persian rug services include tassel whitening, odour elimination and anti-moth treatment.  For oriental rug cleaning London residents should get in touch with the Persian Carpet Clinic of Maida Vale.




We are based in London W9, but our most activity areas in the field of professional rug repair, professional Persian rug restoration, professional Oriental rug repair, professional rug cleaning, addition to Barnet, Camden, and Westminster, are: Bexley, Bromley, Kingston upon Thames, Wands worth, Richmond upon Thames, Hammersmith and Fulham.

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