1.Fringe & Side Repair


3.Tear & Wear (Pet Damages)

4.Moth and Insects Treatment

5.Blocking (Sizing Old Rugs)

6. Depreciation of the Colour

Fringes and Sides: 

Fringes and sides are most vulnerable areas in the Persian or any oriental rug, which suffers from wear and tear after few years. It would be much more cost effective if repairs carried out on fringes and sides of the carpet on time. Otherwise more damages could be done to pile and structure of the carpet. This type of repair compared to other repair is easier and costs less, if is done by a professional or expert.

If the repair carried out by non-professional person, what could happen?

It could have two results?

a.The repair won’t be done accurately because of wrong usage of wool and yarn.

b- Newly repaired fringes and sides will not have the necessary stability.

If fringes and damaged sides of the Persian or Oriental rugs are not repaired on time, the nodes which had been inhibited in edges and end of fringes will start falling. To prevent it from happening you should contact us as soon as possible, in this case it won’t cost you much.

If prevention is not on time it will damage the pile and the structure of your rug which will require a proper and professional expert to carry out the work which will result in costing you much more.

Wool quality has a fundamental role in strength and longevity of Persian and Oriental rugs. Taller the length of Wool sheared from the sheep; foundation of the Persian or Oriental carpet will have more strength. The quality of sheep’s wool is different from each other, i.e.; the quality of sheep's wool reared in mountainous weather will be better from those kept in deserted regions.

Now if the Persian or Oriental rug is made by skilled and trained experts using high quality wool, it will have much higher longevity and longer life expectancy, and will not begin to erode earlier than 60 to 80 years.

But because all the handmade Persian and Oriental rugs in Iran and other countries are not prepared with high quality wool and not knotted by skilled and experienced people, it will not last the expected life expectancy.

Usually Persian or Oriental Rugs with medium quality will begin to erode after 20 to 30 years. It will not require repairs in early years, but if any damage incurs it should be repaired immediately otherwise it will damage the structure of the rug, (warp and weft).

Prevention of erosion in Persian or Oriental carpet requires a dedicated and professional expert who can carry out the work according to nodes (very fine, medium or large) and to consider the type of materials used (wool, silk, or both) and certainly should be done by experienced, skilled person.

Preparation of wool and silk which have been used in carpet in terms of quality, paint and age is specialized work and should be prepared with care to keep up with the originality of Persian or Oriental carpet.

Tear and Wear:

Rupture of the Persian rug can arise in careless transportation or biting by dogs or by other pets. Repair of rupture/tear is a specialized job in carpet industry, because not only nodes have been damaged, but also the structure of the carpet (warp and weft). The expert repair person will be require doing the following:

Preparing wool, yarn and silk which is used in carpet; next job is restoration of structure of the carpet (warp and weft), and finally the pile will be woven to the structure.

Moth Treatment:

If a folded rug kept for a long time in dark and humid place or part of it was kept under the sofa or cupboard with not enough air flow, and not swept regularly, insects, moths will appear inside the carpet, and they will proceed to damage the wool and start to spawn as well. Short time after that, piles of carpet will be destroyed and it will show the structure of the carpet. If reaches this stage Persian rug or any handmade oriental carpet needs repairing immediately.


Our suggestions for prevention of any damages to your rugs are?

A-Do not put any type of the equipment which might cover fully or some parts of the carpet?

B- If for any reason the carpet has to be kept for a long time, in a dark place or in a tube, put naphthalene or mothball between them.

Persian and Oriental rugs specially the ones with 100 % pile and structure of the wool, due to humidity could alter shape. But in Persian carpet clinic we could rectify it.  
Depreciation of the Colour: 

If part of carpet has been exposed to extreme sunlight for a long time, gradually it will result in loss Of colour which will cause difference in colours. Our Team in Persian carpet clinic will return the carpet to its original look.

Our advice will be:

To turn it head to tail every 6 month and if possible, avoid leaving it under sunlight for long time.


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