Persian and Oriental Rug Repairs

Persian rugs and oriental rugs are often an extremely valued item, as it usually sits centre piece in a room adding comfort and colour to a home.  The wear and tear that results from regular use as it sits underfoot, means that it will need cleaning on a regular basis. However, whereas you may clean a rug to keep it looking its best, what about when the rugs intricate detail and woven wool, silk and cotton is damaged, seemingly beyond compare?  At the Persian Carpet Clinic, we can help.

If you live in London and are wondering, ‘is there anywhere that does Oriental Carpet Repair or Persian rug repair near me?’, then you can contact us today either via our website or by giving us a call.  For excellent service with your oriental rug repair, London residents need look no further than our team of oriental rug repair specialists.

Special techniques and materials are used when creating these timeless rugs, and therefore cannot be attempted without a specialist knowledge of the craft.  If you have an idea of when the rug was made and where it was purchased from, this can also help our team to carry out your Persian rug repair.  For oriental and Persian rug repair, cost varies depending on the size of the rug, the materials it is made from, the level of damage or where and when the rug was made.

In some cases, regular cleaning can prevent damage from becoming worse overtime and our team of experts also offer a Persian rug cleaning service along with our carpet damage repair services. Call us and we will give you a free evaluation.

So, for an excellent craftmanship and expertise, look no further to get a Persian rug repair, London residents will be proud of.


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