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Persian & Oriental Rug Repairs


Artistic Repairs
Valuable Oriental rugs are handled by the art department, which specializes in repairing tears and holes, as well as authentic restorations that are painstakingly tailored to the nature of the rug, beginning with identification of the type of thread in the right hue, to repair  and dyeing with natural plant and mineral extracts.
The repair includes identification of the type of weft and warp knots used in the rug, manual restoration and renovation of fringes and end, based on the original and using wool, cotton and silk threads.
In addition, the department restores woven fabrics and cloth including handmade ones such as Suzani applications and embroidered and lace tablecloths. This craft is carried out by masters of the Persian, Turkish, Chinese and Indian techniques.

The price of cleaning is based on whether the rug or carpet is handmade or machine-made. A company representative, who is an expert carpet layer, travels to the customer’s home, examines the flaws and determines whether they are repairable or not. A price quote is then given for cleaning and, if necessary, restoration. After the customer chooses from among his options, the carpet or rug is taken for cleaning or repairs, which lasts 7-10 days, depending on the size of the repair. The rug is taken by car to the factory, and is insured by the company the moment it leaves the customer’s home and until it is returned. Once the rug arrives at the factory, it undergoes another examination, and the factory manager informs the customer of any additional flaws found.