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Discover the Many Benefits of a Rug


At Persian Carpet Clinic, we are passionate about rugs. We have installed our beautiful designer rugs in a huge range of different settings; from classic and contemporary homes, to bars, restaurants and grand embassy buildings. Watching their transformation is always a joy. The benefits of a rug are huge and we feel a high quality rug is an essential part of an interior scheme. Find out more about what a rug can do for your space.

Benefits of a Rug #1 – Sound and Heat Absorption

Many modern homes are over populated with flat solid surfaces that reflect both sound and heat. The problem is worst in open plan spaces or rooms with high ceilings and hard floors, where echoing and cold drafts cause discomfort. A rug, even one with a short pile will provide great insulation.

Benefits of a Rug #2 – Comfort and Indulgence

Comfort is an essential element of any home, and stepping out of bed onto a luxury rug every morning is a simple pleasure. Rugs are a great addition to any room of the home, not just the living room. They provide a soft surface for walking or sitting and children will always appreciate having a comfortable place to play.

Benefits of a Rug #3 – Delightful Detail

Rugs can provide the finishing touch to any interior design scheme. A patterned rug design can add an extra dimension to a space, as well as texture. A rug can also increase light levels, highlighting the assets of the room..

Benefits of a Rug #4 – Express Your Personal Style

A fabulous way to add artwork to a room without overcrowding walls or flat surfaces, is to introduce a statement designer rug. There are a wide range of gorgeous pieces available on the market, including in our very own ‘Urban Punk’ collection. Whether your chosen piece is a unique vintage patchwork or a fun pictorial design, a rug can provide a focal point for the room.

Benefits of a Rug #5 – Fantastic Framing

Another purpose served by contemporary rug, is to divide a room into zones. In an open plan space, a rug underneath the sofa and chairs can create a sitting area, separate from a dining area with its own rug. Even in a space that only serves one function, a rug can anchor together multiple objects creating a sense of order and an illusion of space.

Benefits of a Rug #6 – Easy to Care for

A hand knotted rug is also a very practical choice. Unlike fitted carpet or a poor quality tufted rug, it is easy to clean yourself and every few years can be taken to away to be professionally cleaned by full water submersion. This removes dirt deep down into the pile, unlike a surface clean which is the only option for a fitted carpet.
Benefits of a Rug #7 – Floor Protection

Designer rugs can be used to guard the floor underneath. This is ideal for floors that are particularly delicate, easily scratched or already damaged. Rugs can also protect from water damage, so those made from absorbent materials such as wool are a surprisingly good choice for a bathroom.

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