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Oriental and Persian Rug Services

1- Professional Rug Cleaning & Repair

Our specialist Rug Cleaning & Repair services combine market-leading modern technology with ten’s years of practical experience in the field of Persian and Oriental rug services. We do traditional hand-washing using modern facilities for the optimal cleaning of Persian/Oriental rugs. Our expert team can clean and repair all types and sizes of Persian carpets or Oriental rugs from any country without using any harmful materials.

Antique Isfahan rug before restoration by: persiancarpetclinic.co.uk

2- Free collection and Delivery inside Greater London.

3- Expertize repair any damage to any Persian or Oriental rug.

4- Identifying the place and date of production and its value.

5- Providing a similar rug while your carpet is under renovation.

6- Site visit and advice regarding repair and restoration the rug/carpet.

Antique Isfahan rug after restoration by: persiancarpetclinic.co.uk

7- Free mothproofing.

8- a Two-year guarantee for any repair work.

9- Remove any stains on the carpet.

10- Satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with our service—based on realistic satisfactions—we will gladly come back to meet your satisfaction needs.

Persian Carpet Clinic is run by a team of professionals, who have built up an impeccable reputation throughout the UK, Iran and the Netherlands

Professional Rug repair services:

  •  Fringes damage repair–securing or re-fringing             
  •  Professional re-weaving a hole
  •  Patching a holes and threadbare areas
  •  Burn damages repair
  •  Professional Wear & Tear repair
  •  Moth damages repair
  •  Damaged sides securing or r-weaving
  •  Rug re-sizing
  •  Any pet damage repair
  •  Professional antique rug restoration

Special techniques and materials are used when creating these timeless rugs, and therefore cannot be attempted without a specialist knowledge of the craft.  If you have an idea of when the rug was made and where it was purchased from, this can also help our team to carry out your Persian rug repair.  For oriental and Persian rug repair, cost varies depending on the size of the rug, the materials it is made from, the level of damage or where and when the rug was made. Read More

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