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Oriental & Persian Rug Valuations

Why you need Evaluation for your valuable Persian/Oriental carpet

A Persian or Oriental carpet, as well as an Area rug, is an expensive investment and like other pieces of art should be insured against theft, loss or damage. There are many things that could happen to your carpet, and having spent a lot of money on it, it would be wise to insure it against loss or damage, but to claim damage from an insurance company you need a reputable appraisals. This might be also; necessary in order to ensure that the correct value is passed into the estate when the owner of the rug dies. The value of the rug would also be important in the case of divorce settlements or the setting up of family trusts.

The value of a carpet can be determined through a rug valuation, which takes into account factors such as its age, the size of the rug, the type of rug, the colours and dyes that were used , the condition, the design, and the amount of knots per square feet.

Who should you evaluate your rug?

Most antique dealers or general auctioneer would probably not be able to give you a fair evaluation of your Persian or Oriental rug. Expertise appraisal of an oriental rug valuation requires in-depth practical and scientific knowledge about any kind of hand-made rug.

The expert management of Persian Carpet Clinic with a background of generations practical experience in Persian carpet production, and, enough knowledge about European and Oriental rugs, can offer you full expert valuation certificate. This includes identification, the amount of knots, type, condition, and replacement value. As part of our Persian carpet valuation services, we visit you and see the rug personally in order to provide a comprehensive valuation. In cases where formal evaluation is not needed, we can evaluate it by viewing the carpet photos of the front and back with some details that have been sent to us.

A 17th Century Persian rug has sold for $33.8m (£21.8m), a sum triple the previous auction record for a carpet.

The winning bid for the Clark Sickle-Leaf Carpet was made anonymously on Wednesday at Sotheby’s in New York.

William Clark, an industrialist and US senator from Montana, had bequeathed the carpet and other items to the Corcoran Gallery of Art in 1926.

The Washington DC museum will use precedes from the sale of that and 24 other rugs to fund future acquisitions.

The previous sale record was $9.6m for a Persian rug sold by Christie’s in London in April 2010.

Sotheby’s had forecast the sale price as high as $9m, and four bidders fought for more than 10 minutes over the carpet. The winning bid came over the telephone.

In a statement, Corcoran’s director said the museum was “thrilled” by the results of the auction. The museum had held the carpet and several others in storage.

The carpet, dated to the first half of the 17th Century, is believed to be from Kerman in south-east Iran. It was displayed in the Corcoran in 2008.

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